E.J.F Welding

Welding and fabrication services in Dubbo


At E.J.F Welding in Dubbo we are committed to providing excellence with our welding and fabrication services. Our team has been highly trained in the intricacies of welding and fabricating using a wide range of steel and alloy metals. There is a wide variety of applications where welding and fabrication can be the most practical solution for a project.

Our customer base spans the residential, business and commercial sectors, as well as the construction and agricultural industries.

We are proud to provide our local community with onsite welding and fabrication services – we can weld virtually anything. From the creation of toolboxes and trailers to the repair of earth moving equipment and other heavy machinery, we can provide a solid weld that will hold up against time, wear and tear.

The applications for welding and fabrication are limited only by your imagination and the scope of the project.
Industrial Warehouse — Welding and Fabrication in Dubbo, NSW
We have the ability to create virtually any steel and alloy products you need through our fabrication service. Whether you need a small one-time product, or a larger batch of steel rods for beams for a construction project, we can handle your job in a timely fashion and at an affordable price.
If your steel machinery, vehicle or virtually any other item has become damaged, we can provide the repairs you need. We’ll either weld the components back into place or we can even create a whole new piece as a replacement for more serious damages.
Need repairs but can’t come to us? We offer onsite repairs for a variety of machinery and other larger items. We bring our repair materials to you to get the job done safely, quickly and affordably.
We can create or repair heavy duty trailers for your existing truck. Choose the size of you need and we will fabricate the steel parts to construct the trailer you have always wanted.
At Ed’s, we know your earthmover is an important part of your business and lifestyle. We’ll help you get yours up and going again quickly and affordably with our repair services.
We can fabricate custom toolboxes, whether you want a portable option that you can carry with you on the job, or you want a larger option to keep your garage neat and organised.