Alloy & Stainless Products

Alloy and stainless products in Dubbo


At E.J.F Welding we specialise in stainless steel fabrication as well as a range of stainless steel alloys. The unique benefits of each type of metal means we can create alloy and stainless products to meet your exact specifications. The options are endless, you can have a custom toolbox, trailer or any number of other items that are tailored to your needs.

Stainless steel is widely used for its versatility, durability and strength, is a combination of carbon and iron. Due to its nature it can be combined with other types of metal to create alloys that maintain the positive qualities of stainless steel, while also adopting the desirable aspects of the additional metal.

The most common additions are manganese, silicon, nickel, zinc, chromium and vanadium. These elements are added using a heat treatment.

We can manage the design, fabrication, assembly, finishing and cleaning of stainless alloys for the production of food-grade equipment, dairy industry projects and commercial & structural work. Ed has mastered the skills required to ensure a seamless process for creating these products for specialised industries, he applies the same exacting high standards for these products as for any other stainless steel products.
Welding Close Up — Welding and Fabrication in Dubbo, NSW
We can help you design custom products for specific purposes. We can create tailor-made tools, boxes, trailers, building materials, watering troughs and virtually any other steel and alloy products you can dream of.

We’ll work alongside you to create the products you need, customising them to your precise specifications. We’re masters at not only fabricating and welding, but also designing, assembling and finishing your completed project.

When you're ready to get started with your custom stainless or alloy products, give us a call!